Friday, May 14

Farewell C, B, SM.

To my blog viewers (if there are any still out there):

I know it has been months and months…and months and months since my last update. Many life changes have occurred and I didn’t have a mindset to blog about the happenings. I have since made some changes, moved to a new state, turned over a new leaf in my career, and have a new set of goals that I will be striving for! I’m very excited about it all and am now ready to begin my *NEW* blog! I am still a crafter, still a baker, and still a smile maker, but as part of this new leaf, I will be starting a whole new blog!

I will be putting up a new post each Friday...when I am at 806 in Amarillo, TX using their free internet! The new blog I hope to see you all on the new blog :D

Kristi Jean.

Monday, July 6

The Fabulous Find of Buttons!

I absolutely love buttons! And I have plenty of room to store them. A few weeks back I went to crop with my favorite scrap gals - Deb and Carrie. On our outing to Michael's, I discovered a few bags of random buttons. I usually am able to talk myself out of these purchases, because I have enough regular buttons and I wanted something more than the average to fill my button containers. But when I picked up these bags, I discovered an amazing little treat! They have buttons from REALLY BIG to quite small - all colors and shapes. There were decorative buttons (which I will be using as embellishments....and not putting on sweaters) and little well as a few questionable ones that didn't make the keepers cut. For just $4.99 I purchased adequate filler for my button storage and a little bit of smiles.
These were 2 of my favorite: The one on the left is a ring and says I love you on the inside of the band and the tree says tree hugger in the green. =)
They have nothing to do with the buttons, I just wanted to update their picture on my blog...they both heard the shake of the treat container...and Yes, BOTH of my pets stand up and beg when they hear the potential for treats.

Friday, June 26


Alrighty - as a start to catching up on my blog, I would like to say that I love Scrabble! Vickie and I played today and actually made it through all the letters without too much headache. We were off to a slow start, but then quickly filled the board. Afterwards, we took pictures to celebrate!

...Please don't correct any "bad" words....we had fun!

This is Vickie and me after our game!

Other than fun board games, I have been doing a lot of organization in my craft area! I will post some pictures once I have it all situated!

Sunday, February 22

Snowboarding Fun!

Yay! I finally got to go snowboarding again! Last time I went there was powder on the small slope we were jammin down - this time we went to Snowbowl and it was pretty much all hard packed snow. A bit more challenging than last time if I do say so, but it was wonderful fun!

Tricia was thumbing up ready to go!! It was about 5:20 AM

I was ready to go back to sleep...

Once we started driving I was totally thumbs up ready!!

In this one, we were almost to flagstaff. We were getting pretty excited when we could see the snow tops!

Jammin down -

Sister and I on the lift -

After my first thrashing from the hill - my sister was nice enough to photograph my pain -
All in all I had tons of fun. Planning another trip up soon =D

Monday, February 9

BBQ (vegan style) and Game night

Well I finally was able to drag a great friend of mine out to see the house. I don't usually have out of town visitors so I was quite happy Carrie was able to come over! We played my new favorite game, Whoonu (compliments of Carrie), grilled vegan hotdogs (yummy!) and had some quite tasty Cran-apple Vodka and Pink Ladies (Deb's signature) to drink. We kind of stopped taking pictures for some reason (?), but I posted a few from earlier in the night below:

Carrie & I

Me, Carrie, and Sister (Tricia) - I have an apron on btw - I love those things =D

My friend Lexy and sister - not sure what they were talking about/doing, but this one makes me laugh.
Ash had to be involved in picture time too - I'm happy Carrie didn't steal him

Lexy's husband Brandon was able to come too! We hadn't seen him in about 6 months. Nick was pretty happy to have him back too so he'd have a friend to watch Scary 3D movies with

(Nick let Lexy check out the film and loaned her his glasses for a minute)

They have the cutest kids, but they were already in bed before picture time =(

I discovered while typing this blog that everytime I type Carrie's name I want to add an "s" or "d" at the end of it then I laughed when I though maybe carrie wouldn't mind being carried haha.

Oh no....2 months!!!

That's right people - it has been almost 2 months since I have last blogged! I can't believe it either. Most everyone know what has been going on, so I will only catch you up on the most recent:

It has been a while - but I finally went to ETC. I loved love that place. Thanks so much to Deb and Carrie for taking me over!

We discovered that our "female" cat is actually a male =/ - but his name is Lois the male-cat. He enjoys: climbing on doors (the tops of them) and....

Hanging out inside the pantry - even though one night he was accidently locked in. He broke open a bottle of soy sauce. We found him the next morning covered in it, as well as our pantry and everything in it. This was a picture of the destruction.

I finally did a deep clean on my front yard. My trees look like trees again and not just big bushes. We removed several "plants" that came with the house, but really just looked like really big weeds. Below is all that was removed -

I wanted a person and a car in the picture to give you an idea of just how big this pile was. We ended up wrapping it in a tarp and driving out to the desert to dispose of it.
We were proud of our work. (Oh, this took approx 4 hours. In this time - Nick finish a 360 game and had no idea jsut what we were doing...I like to give him a hard time about it now =D )
The cleanup enabled me to find a home for my new lawn decor - I am a sucker for gnomes...not sure why though
I did get a little crafting done. Here are my first 2 diaper cakes. I really liked how they turned out and that I was able to hide goodies throughout them =D Hopefully everything inside is usefule!
Yay for Janae and her 2 babies!!
I've been busy, but I have a couple of other unfinished crafts that I hope to finish soon. I'll post them as soon as I finish them up.
Thanks for catching up with this long blog!!

Wednesday, December 17

Ah, Ribbon Fun!

Love ribbons. They can come in many different textures, colors, sizes, with or without them all!!

I took a class on how to make hairbows, and created these little goodies:

...and I tried one on to see what it would look like. I decided I may be a little too old for them.

After the class, I created many other things...

A lady bug one with added tails.

And decorative Christmas bows...on gifts that I have warned Nick are never to be opened...they are decorative ONLY!...notice our initials =D

And my favorite thing of all!!!!....a Christmas tutu for my neice. I had so so much fun making this and it was super easy. I am already planning on making 3 others as christmas gifts.
My Heidi Swapp mini ribbon iron came in handy tonight! That thing is so dang cute.
And super Kudos to the ladies at Ribbons and Lace in Chandler. They rule. Deb and I had so much fun making our bows last night. I really am looking forward to taking another bow class there. I ended up being that super annoying obsessed customer who stays after closing time....ugh...But I think it was so worth it!!!

Tuesday, December 9

The Ash and Turts

It just occurred to me that I haven't posted any pictures of Ash or the Turts...

This is our hyperactive big guy...

And the Turts....Gloria Gainor and Speedy..

They like to stack under their basking lamp =)

Monday, December 8

Cuts, Cats, and Indecisiveness

Ok, I kind of forgot to post my cut pictures, so, here it is...

And yesterday Nick and I went to Fry's here in Maricopa to scope out their tree selection since we haven't yet purchased one. On our way through the parking lot, we spotted a cat running through. As she pounced from place to place avoiding tires that weren't too cautious, Nick and I quickly moved into rescue mode. We noticed a collar, so we knew she wasn't just an alley cat...she was someone's kitten. She ran away from me, but Nick was able to get her to come to him from the drain she lept into. Once he had her in his arms, there was not a tag on her collar!! (That did make us a little angry. - The first thing we got Ash was a collar with his name and our numbers on it.) She had also been COMPLETLY declawed!!! That really made Nick upset because the back declawing is supposed to be a very bad operation for cats. We soon discovered that this is the sweetest cat ever. She purred and rubbed up on us and was just SO personable!!! I warned Nick that we had to put up a found poster and an ad on craigslist, so not to get too attached just in case. Because she is so nice, I cannot imagine that she doesn't have a family who wants her back and I would be crushed in a reverse situation.....but within the last 24 hours we just really ....became attached. Nick didn't like that I was calling her meow meow to avoid "naming" her so he said if by chance her owners didn't claim her, then he'd want to call her she is named. We discovered she loves people (and is adjusting to Ash) and she loves her tummy to be rubbed...Ash likes her, but keeps wanting to play rough with her so when he starts jumpin she gets startled....So we believe that they'll get along....That's our problem...we've made future plans for her...I'm putting the ad up tonight, but secertly hoping she becomes a member of our family. (...i bought stocking stuff for her...)

Here is her picture...

And as far as the Indecisiveness goes.....Christmas tree....Since we don't have any ornaments or lights we have to construct it from scratch....not sure what theme I want or if I really do want a real one....hmmmm.

Tuesday, December 2

To Be Continued...

15 minutes later...


Saturday, November 29

Scrappin with warm feet

I'm working on an AtoZ project (inspired to me from the Althoff/Morely household) and I am excited about the progess that I have so far. It's been a little slow workin on it, but I'll get there.

I'm also lovin my socks that sister gave me a while' shizzle

Friday, November 28

And I'm starting...

OK. I'm starting the blog. I'll post blog-like things that people tend to post...but mine, not theirs...unless theirs stuff is cool...but I'll credit them. I just have to remember this is here. Thanks for reading my intro.