Monday, July 6

The Fabulous Find of Buttons!

I absolutely love buttons! And I have plenty of room to store them. A few weeks back I went to crop with my favorite scrap gals - Deb and Carrie. On our outing to Michael's, I discovered a few bags of random buttons. I usually am able to talk myself out of these purchases, because I have enough regular buttons and I wanted something more than the average to fill my button containers. But when I picked up these bags, I discovered an amazing little treat! They have buttons from REALLY BIG to quite small - all colors and shapes. There were decorative buttons (which I will be using as embellishments....and not putting on sweaters) and little well as a few questionable ones that didn't make the keepers cut. For just $4.99 I purchased adequate filler for my button storage and a little bit of smiles.
These were 2 of my favorite: The one on the left is a ring and says I love you on the inside of the band and the tree says tree hugger in the green. =)
They have nothing to do with the buttons, I just wanted to update their picture on my blog...they both heard the shake of the treat container...and Yes, BOTH of my pets stand up and beg when they hear the potential for treats.


PaperTurtle said...

Yep...those were some amazing packages of buttons! Carrie and I are still jealous that we didn't copy you that day and buy some ourselves. Not that we couldn't go back there on our own, we're just not likely to do it unless you're with us. :o)

Cute furry babies!!! Too funny that they both stand up and beg. Love it! Love you!

jbl said...

I share your love of buttons! They are awesome. I've 'awarded' you with something on my blog, go check it out! ;)

Strictly Steph said...

i've nonminated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
you can read my post on it for details