Friday, May 14

Farewell C, B, SM.

To my blog viewers (if there are any still out there):

I know it has been months and months…and months and months since my last update. Many life changes have occurred and I didn’t have a mindset to blog about the happenings. I have since made some changes, moved to a new state, turned over a new leaf in my career, and have a new set of goals that I will be striving for! I’m very excited about it all and am now ready to begin my *NEW* blog! I am still a crafter, still a baker, and still a smile maker, but as part of this new leaf, I will be starting a whole new blog!

I will be putting up a new post each Friday...when I am at 806 in Amarillo, TX using their free internet! The new blog I hope to see you all on the new blog :D

Kristi Jean.

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Tricia said...

I blogged today. First time. There's a handy little blog button you can add to your tool bar on Chrome. DOIT!! Loves :)