Monday, February 9

BBQ (vegan style) and Game night

Well I finally was able to drag a great friend of mine out to see the house. I don't usually have out of town visitors so I was quite happy Carrie was able to come over! We played my new favorite game, Whoonu (compliments of Carrie), grilled vegan hotdogs (yummy!) and had some quite tasty Cran-apple Vodka and Pink Ladies (Deb's signature) to drink. We kind of stopped taking pictures for some reason (?), but I posted a few from earlier in the night below:

Carrie & I

Me, Carrie, and Sister (Tricia) - I have an apron on btw - I love those things =D

My friend Lexy and sister - not sure what they were talking about/doing, but this one makes me laugh.
Ash had to be involved in picture time too - I'm happy Carrie didn't steal him

Lexy's husband Brandon was able to come too! We hadn't seen him in about 6 months. Nick was pretty happy to have him back too so he'd have a friend to watch Scary 3D movies with

(Nick let Lexy check out the film and loaned her his glasses for a minute)

They have the cutest kids, but they were already in bed before picture time =(

I discovered while typing this blog that everytime I type Carrie's name I want to add an "s" or "d" at the end of it then I laughed when I though maybe carrie wouldn't mind being carried haha.

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