Monday, February 9

Oh no....2 months!!!

That's right people - it has been almost 2 months since I have last blogged! I can't believe it either. Most everyone know what has been going on, so I will only catch you up on the most recent:

It has been a while - but I finally went to ETC. I loved love that place. Thanks so much to Deb and Carrie for taking me over!

We discovered that our "female" cat is actually a male =/ - but his name is Lois the male-cat. He enjoys: climbing on doors (the tops of them) and....

Hanging out inside the pantry - even though one night he was accidently locked in. He broke open a bottle of soy sauce. We found him the next morning covered in it, as well as our pantry and everything in it. This was a picture of the destruction.

I finally did a deep clean on my front yard. My trees look like trees again and not just big bushes. We removed several "plants" that came with the house, but really just looked like really big weeds. Below is all that was removed -

I wanted a person and a car in the picture to give you an idea of just how big this pile was. We ended up wrapping it in a tarp and driving out to the desert to dispose of it.
We were proud of our work. (Oh, this took approx 4 hours. In this time - Nick finish a 360 game and had no idea jsut what we were doing...I like to give him a hard time about it now =D )
The cleanup enabled me to find a home for my new lawn decor - I am a sucker for gnomes...not sure why though
I did get a little crafting done. Here are my first 2 diaper cakes. I really liked how they turned out and that I was able to hide goodies throughout them =D Hopefully everything inside is usefule!
Yay for Janae and her 2 babies!!
I've been busy, but I have a couple of other unfinished crafts that I hope to finish soon. I'll post them as soon as I finish them up.
Thanks for catching up with this long blog!!

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PaperTurtle said...

Hooray!!! You posted to your blog! :o) The picture of the three of us at ETC makes me happy. Thanks for all the sweet comments you left on my blog. Aren't blog comments fun?!?!