Sunday, February 22

Snowboarding Fun!

Yay! I finally got to go snowboarding again! Last time I went there was powder on the small slope we were jammin down - this time we went to Snowbowl and it was pretty much all hard packed snow. A bit more challenging than last time if I do say so, but it was wonderful fun!

Tricia was thumbing up ready to go!! It was about 5:20 AM

I was ready to go back to sleep...

Once we started driving I was totally thumbs up ready!!

In this one, we were almost to flagstaff. We were getting pretty excited when we could see the snow tops!

Jammin down -

Sister and I on the lift -

After my first thrashing from the hill - my sister was nice enough to photograph my pain -
All in all I had tons of fun. Planning another trip up soon =D

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